Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T. E. Story #9

 “ Tomorrow should prove very interesting.   When the Stage bearing
you away goes out of sight it will be interesting to see if, or what
will take place, as your forceful presence, in itself, imposes
discipline.  My first objective will be to call a meeting with your 1st
Lt., overseer, and a few other people, and make sure that we are all
on the same page of music, so to speak.  Thanks for the use of your
quarters, however I will not be using them for a bit.  I do not sleep
much, and this project has a life of it's own, and I intend to know
everyone, and how they fit in, including the watch-standers.  Captain
Rufus  shared with me that he suspects that there are some rogues out
on the river who are up to no good, and bear watching. When I am
comfortable with the responsibility you have entrusted to me, and your
leadership staff are comfortable with me, and that I am not trying to
take over their turf I will start keeping a very close watch with the
night watch to assure that they are alert, and are more secure.  Just
before coming down river with the barge the US Marshall gave me a
brand new Henry Repeating Rifle.  I feel very comfortable with this.
Very rare.  They hold 16 rounds, and can be very dangerous in the
hands of someone who can use one.  Takes the place of several people,
and instills a great deal of fear in those that come up against it.
First priority is to get your crew to trust me. Tomorrow starts a new challenge, and this Old Sgt. is looking forward to it.  Thanks for your trust, my old friend, and OIC.”


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