Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T. E. Story #2

Lt. George and Capt. McKay sat together under the survey tent fly. "Do you know anything about this," asked Ian referring to the recent message received from St.  Morrison"

"No, but if it requests your presence in Washington I wouldn't hesitate," said Lt. George.

Lt. Christopher George was a young man, eager for the adventure on the river, and full of ideas which on some occasions did not match the required time and consideration necessary in dealing with the great river.  Ian was fond of the young man, but he hesitated to leave him in complete charge of the project.  What he needed was someone who understood the river, and who also could follow a set of plans while dealing with the tough group of rivermen that was the project's crew.

"Well, there are some things that need to be done here before I can leave," said Ian looking again at the message in his hand.  "please get Mr. Thomas, the head riverman, up here and we'll go over the plans in advance once more."

"I am ready to take over any time, that you are ready to leave," Chris said eagerly.

"i know," said Ian gently," but I want to go over a couple of things with you and Mr. Thomas, since these items might be a little tricky.  So go get him will you please?

"Sure boss," said Chris with a grin, getting up from his bench, " one Mr. Thomas comin' up!"  He hurried out of the fly and made his way down to the wharf where the new barge was tied up.  Ian watched him go, smiling after his junior and then turned to the diagrams for the diversion piers.

"Log Raft a-comin!!!  Log raft a'comin dowm river," came a shout from one of the men working the end of the pier.  "Two men on the raft!"

Ian jumped up from his wooden bench and grabbed the pair of binoculars that hung from the corner fly pole.  He focused the glasses on the log raft which was then just peeking around the far bend.  He focused the glasses on the man at the head of the raft, coiling his line to get a heaving line over to the shoreline.  This looked like the log raft that he had suggested would be needed to begin the tri-pole structures marking the end of the diversion piers.  It certainly looked like -- Well, I'll be damned, he thought, it's young Goff!!  Hezekiah B. Goff!!!  Were in hell did he drop from?  This should be interesting and I wonder if he can be pursuaded to - - - -?

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