Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T. E. Story #23

  Thanks Major for asking, but no I have no questions for the Col. at
this time.  I am still trying to wrap  my mind around everything that
is happening.  Your life style is, and has been a lot different than
mine since we were together in Mexico. After so many years as a Sgt,
just the upgrade to Sgt. Major is a big jump.  I am sure that it won't
take long as soon as I get a my feet on the ground.  Your question as
what might be best for us in reference to lodging, and home base I
strongly suggest that we locate a small well located farm outside the
city.  This will allow us freedom of movement which I think will be
invaluable to what lays ahead for us.  If we stable in the city limits
everyone will be watching us.  I would like to be responsible for
choosing our horses, and a small amount of other live stock so we
present to those who might pass by, a peaceful farming lifestyle.  I
will lodge our riding horses in a couple  of outbuildings out of site,
but easily accessed by us.  I can take care of this while you do your
thing with the Col. and politics.  Getting myself into civilian
clothing, and a Sgt. Majors uniform should be first for me. Between
those two, and my commission as Deputy US Marshall I should be able to
tie this up in pretty short order.  I will need some petty cash, and
vouchers.  Just don't ask me to many questions{grin]

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