Tuesday, April 24, 2012

T. E. Story #64

 Hi Major,  Dan, and I have covered the ground with a fine toothed comb from here to the Potomac.  From the info I gleened from the chap that is now RIP in the cave the next area of real concern is after crossing this.  JJ will be busy, but the roads easily tell their story, and are easily traveled.  The Blacksmith is a very agreeable chap, and somewhat knows Dan.  He is pretty gabby, and I was able to learn a bit of usefull info that I can use after we cross over the river.  When you cross over one of us will be on the other side mingling with the people that usuall hang out to watch the ferry, and the other will be on the ferry crossing over with you unnoticed.  The blacksmith was able to fashion us with a few more articles of equipement that we will need in the days ahead.  We have already crossed over on the ferry, and purchased the supplies that we will need on this next step.  I have kept the slips, and will turn them in to you at our next gathering.  As neither of us has traveled this far south we will need the maps that you will supply us with, and any other info that you deem prudent.  I also have armed Dan with a firearm, and taught him how to use it.  He picked it up readily, however neither of us will use these only as a last resort.  They are far to loud, and not dependable.  The blacksmith also fashioned up a pair of tomahawks fashioned after one that my Aunt, Walks Alone gave me.  Very effecent. This has become Dans favorite weapon.  We have cached our gear on the Southern side of the river, along with a few garments that seemed to be prevelent on that side also.  Interesting.   By now you chaps are a bit well known, so it won't be neccessary for you to change.  Dan, and I are betting on how long it will take you chaps to get thru the locals in need of your services.  News travels fast down here.  JJ has been noticed as a part of your group>>>>>  The Ladies are curious to see this tall, slender young rascal..  You will probably be asked a few questions.  Dan, and I are looking forward to some good possum stews, and roasting some delicious rattlesnakes.  They grow bigger in the South we hear.  We will come in after the river crossing at a point of your choosing. Probably could put a mark on your new map.  I suspect also that the wagon wheels should be greased, rims checked, harnesses checked, and oiled, collars burr checked, and new shoes on the horses if needed. also check the Hames out well.  These must always be in tip top shape should you need to hastly remove youeself should we deem it prudent.  If you pull into the Blacksmith Shop afore mentioned he will immedeatly take care of these without question.  You only need to show up.  Your servant,  Hezzy  Glad that you, and Josh are bonding!!!

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