Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T. E. Story #3

The river crew quickly ran to the upper shore-line and took their position on the bank to receive the lines from the log raft.  There were heavy cables coiled at the points along the bank for the purpose of hauling supply ships into the bank and out of the main current.  The heaving lines were thrown over and quickly tied to the heavy hawsers on the bank and then they were drawn to raft and made fast.  Slowly but surely as the men hauled on the hawsers the raft slowly nosed into the bank and the small landing pier built there.  Once the raft was out of the main current and settled between two of the division piers, it glided easily into its place along the bank under the guidance of the raft-men and the work party foreman.

The raft-men came ashore and shook hands all around. Then the diversion people went back to work and the raft crew were brought to the Survey tent where Ian was waiting for them.  Ian turned to one of the men beside him and said, "get down to the cook shack and tell cookie that I want one of his bottles of cider pronto!".

"Yes, Sir," the young messenger said with a wide grin, and took off running towards the cook shack.

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