Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T. E. Story #42

  For your consideration, Major.  It would seem that where ever you
travel someone seems determined to take a shot at you.  I am not sure
that we can make the break, and get out of town without being
followed.  So far Josh, and I are apparently unknown.  Even traveling
with the wagon you will be recognized.  They surely are watching all
the roads, and seemed to have an insider within the Col.
Abert’s organization.

 I am going to suggest to you that I smuggle you away from the farm
using the boat that we have hidden here.  We can go down stream
traveling only on dark nights.  As you have the maps you can select
the point down river where we can leave the boat in a remote place.
Mean while Josh can take the wagon on this Northern road that you
mentioned, and go the point where you have chosen for us to come
ashore.  While we are doing this Hugh will leave by the normal route
that you had chosen with our horses.  As he is known as an authority
on horses, and travels quite a bit trading, no one will ever suspect a
thing.  He also will meet us at the point you have chosen.  This way
there should be a clean break for each of us completely severing the
head of the snake, if you will.  We need to get your trip back to
Washington ASAP, and this seems to be a way.  I suspect that if we
don't do this they will find us out before we get your mission
completely.  We should get the Southern most part completed now so if
they catch on the most important part will be completed.  We need to
move soon on this.  Awaiting your decision.

 Your faithful Sgt. Maj.


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