Monday, April 30, 2012

T. E. Story #68

    Hum, you chaps sure do snore loudly.  Dan, and I are glad that we are some distance away as neither of us do.[grin]  Finally some stirring, and, Good Morning Major, you seem to have rested well.  To much partying I guess.  Glancing over I noticed that JJ was laying there completely aghast at seeing me sitting there grinning.  I heard footsteps, and Josh came sheepishly thru the door in front of Dan. Well Gentleman it seems that we caught you napping a wee bit!!   A nice safe place it is to.  I won't take up to much of your time, however I have a need to replenish my funds, and see what your plans are between now, and crossing the Potomac.  We have been over there a bit as you know, checking things out, gathering gossip, and getting the lay of the land.  That crossing seems to be a magnet for attracting all kinds of people watching  who ever comes across.  Almost like another culture so to speak. Just before you cross over Dan will join you in the wagon, fill you in, and cross over with you.  Our horses will be on this side safely hidden, and Dan will guide you to a spot that we feel is best for you to layover.  P;an to be the last to cross over as the gathering will be fewer.  I will be up in the church steeple with binoculars watching for any who might show an interest in you folks. I now have the rifle that I told you about, and you will be safe enough.  I am sure that you will agree when you see it. Dan has taken to it, and has pretty well mastered it, so either of us can cover you out to about 1200 yards if need be.  JJ needs to stay near to you until you arrive at the spot that Dan will show you.  There is a bit more unrest on the other side, and war talk is heard more often.  Police yourselves for any gear showing that might spell Yankee.  You will notice that our apparel is some different.  There is a shop that sells used clothing, well boiled to kill any coots living in them.  All of this just reenforces what you already know of course. JJ is going to have to be very sly, and aware of his surroundings as he rides the roads.  I think that he needs to make his notes mental, and record them when he gets back to the wagon.  This is a suggestion on my part only.  You chaps know your business.  I will be leaving now as you chaps probably need to relieve yourselves, get yourselves together, and the Ladies seem to be getting some grits, and black eyed peas ready for your breakfast.  Ok, Dan, give Josh back his gun.  We will leave you with this thought, How Safe, is Safe with the Sgt. Major, and Dan around. Smile, Relax, Keep doing what you have been doing, just be aware that we must keep moving at a reasonable pace to get this material back to Col. Abert!

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