Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T. E. Story #40

It would seem that we are on the verge of getting underway on the
course that you have set us on.  We are ready, and looking forward to
it.  We had the sign painter letter the first layer of wagon sides
with your desires of Sketch Artist, and Scribe.  These will have to
stay as it is to late to change them now as we covered them up.  I
believe that they will fit in better when we start back, as it will
cause no concern if you stop to sketch what appears that you are
sketching the bridge, or whatever as it is in the scenery that makes
up your current sketch.  We can seem to dawdle, or move on at what
seems a leisurely pace to match the locals life style.  Blend in,
Blend in, Blend in, is our safety shield here.  We can make no
mistakes in this.  Josh, and I will not show any weapons, as this will
provoke suspicion, or could.  You should consider this also.  Your
team is at your service, Major.

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