Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T. E. Story #17

 I was so pleased to hear from you from Washington City.  First
message that I have ever received.  Things are going well here, and I
think that you will be pleased with what the LT, and the Crew Boss have
done.  I certainly am.  Even the men have put aside their petty
problems, and are turning to willingly.  I have found that having a
campfire every night, and a round robin session has helped them a lot.
The real reason is it looks like the camp is busy, and deters those
who might want to start some mischief.  Big Bear gives me daily
updates on the river activities.  He rarely sleeps, and although he is a
bit of a scoundrel, and rogue,  in fact he is an extremely dangerous
man, but he is devoted to me for things that have happened to us in
the past.  If not for him things might be a bit more perilous for us,
and this project.  I will certainly be ready to pick up the new TOPOG
, Capt Scott Lewis if you are not home here at that time.

 You take me by surprise by asking me to consider going to Washington
City with you.  I’ve never seen a City that big.  I am sure to get
lost.  For you I will consider it, however I cannot imagine what this
old Sgt. might be able to do for you. It sounds as if you are about to
do something bigger than this river project.  I'll keep it under my
hat until you fill me in.  Me in Washington City!!!  Are you sure
about this Captain?

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