Wednesday, April 25, 2012

T. E. Story #66

   It has been interesting for Dan, and I to observe how easily you are fitting in with the locals wherever you travel.  Dan is not used to any of this, and it is helping his ability to talk in longer sentences, and be aware of what, and how,  people integrate, and function in groups.  His whole existence has been food, clothing, and shelter. so social needs have never come up.  I see him beginning to relax a wee bit. It has been fun for us to be within a few feet of you, Josh, and JJ, and these people, and remain undetected.  JJ had a good trip to the blacksmiths, and apparently you had given him some task to do.  He is very diligent in his task.  I was surprised to see that neither of them realized that our horses were there at the smiths.  I decided that we would swap out our horses for a pair that he had, and the tack.  This gives Dan a better horse, that he now has skills for, and endurance.  Our clothes are gradually changing also so if observed we will not be stereo typed at a glance.  If studied we are as local as are they.  This will be much more valuable to us after crossing the big river.  Going to be interesting how you fit JJ into your two some so he doesn't stand out anymore than he does now. It is apparent that you chaps are going to eat well, and practice your social skills.  It pleases me that all of the planning and prep at the beginning of this venture is paying off.  At our next meeting I will need a bit more funding. We  have already picked up most of the gear that we will need after crossing the river. A long range rifle is being put together, with a new fangled telescope on it. Premonition demands this. Instinct!!

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