Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T. E. Story #45

Our trip downstream has been as uneventful as I had hoped.  The
Majors ability to navigate is flawless as usual.  His disguise is very
appropriate for this journey, and keeps him warn on the water at
night.  I hope that Hugh, and Josh are fairing as well.  Deep down I
believe they are.  It is easy for them to blend in as this is their
home.  Hugh travels thru here all the time with his horse trading, and
my last minute decision to have Josh follow him put all of us breath
easier.  I will never forget the look on Sarah's face as we disappeared
down river.
I am pleased that the Major has brought along some means to defend
himself.  He believes that I don't know that, but the ability to detect
these things has kept me alive so far.  I believe my Aunt, Walks
Alone, would be smiling down on me if she could see us now.  God Rest
Her Soul.  I think that the Major would have really enjoyed her.  Back
to the business at hand.  The Major haas indicated that we will be
changing course pretty soon.  I though he was dozing.  I think that we
are getting close now.  This is my world, and I love it so!!

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