Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T. E, Story #47

 Our trip downriver has been uneventful so far.  The weather, and
river conditions are with us so far.  The Majors uncanny sense for
seeming to know exactly where we are shows his years of map making
experience. It is interesting to see how differently we view each
passing bend in the river, and to lay of the land it brings.  My
senses are always on alert for shape changes as it applies to my
traveling both in stealth, and openly depending upon the situation at
the moment.  Cover and hiding, low lands, marshes, streams, and rivers,
and wind direction.  During the hours from dawn, to dusk I am very
much attuned to the type of people in this area, and what they do.  If
I travel openly, and wish not to draw any attention than I must blend
in.  If they are farming people than anyone that passes thru not
reasonably attired like them stands out, and is immediately watched
closely.  This is becoming more noticeable as tensions are increasing
due to the session talk.  Every traveler is under surveillance, and
will be more so from now on.  The least time lingering, and to much
time observing will also become suspicious.  Also asking to many
questions will be suspect.  I am beginning to feel at home here.  One
big thing that I will need to keep in the fore front of my mind is the
fact that I am not traveling alone.  By instinct I react as one.

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