Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T. E. Story #19

 Hezzie said, ”I was completely taken aback by your advance in my Rank to Sgt.
Major.  I hope that you know just how much this means to me, Major.
It sounds as if you have some tough assignments ahead for me, and your
new detachment.  The permanent status of Dep. US Marshall may be
helpful if I am reading this right.  Civilian clothes, and rank of
Major below the Mason Dixon Line tells me that this is going to get
serious.  Your request that this stay between us is very
understandable, and it will be done. On another note, I told Big Bear that I was leaving for another assignment to the East Coast.  This seem to sadden him visibly, but he
wished me good luck.  He added that he was going back to his ways as a
river pirate, and would no longer respect our project here.  Capt
Lewis may, or may not have this to contend with.  I think that Capt.
Rufus may be moved out also if War does break out.  I had heard him
mention something about it.  Our country may be in for some bad times
in the near future.  The Marshall wishes his horse back, and feels
that she is not up to some heavy use.  I should be able to pick up a
good one in Washington City, or it's environs.”


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