Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T. E. Story #35

The Major seems to be up to his eye brows in his dealings with the
Man In Black.  Just what he needs when he already has his hands full
with the request from the Col.  I was sorry to learn about the river
projects turmoil.  That new Capt. sure buried himself quickly, and I
am sure that the Lt will do a great job, with the help of the Crew
Boss.  Things are sure different up here in the East.  War talk is
getting stronger, and stronger.  I don't don't think that it will
well for any of us.

I am doing everything I can think of to get us ready for the
adventure ahead of us.  Hugh, Josh, and I are putting in some long
days getting every detail worked out as we see it.  We pulled the
wagon wheels off, and put new bearings in, and rendered up some new
goose grease, spare bearings, keys etc, and stored them away in a
place in the wagon.  The sign painter has done a great job on the
wagon sides, and even weathered it so it would not look new.  The
selection of the horses, and working with them has been very
interesting, and rewarding.  Hughes abilities in this area are
These were selected for their abilities as both cart horses, and
excellent saddle mounts.  Two are what is known as heavy hunters,
mine is a bit lighter. The only difference.  Josh has taken to their
care, feeding, and is a flawless driver.  The animals have responded
to his handicap, and respond to his every signal flawlessly.  Mine
been trained exactly the same so no matter what, or in the dark
everything will work like a well oiled machine.  They also do will
grazing, and not much grain so we will not be burdened with that

I was able to get my hands on a nice, well built dory, and have it
secreted away down by the river.  Well hidden it is stocked with
provisions, and water for a few days.  Josh, and I have spent
nights putting it in the water, and rowing it.  This young man seems
to have come into his own with this work, and responsibility.  Sarah,
an Hugh are beside themselves seeing this.  Purpose, and a reason to
live, and work has made a man of him.  We have also made some
in 2 of the out buildings making them invisible to the naked eye.
These are for us to use as hideouts if needed.  Sarah has worked day,
and night stocking provisions for us on the trail, but also for the
outbuildings.  My new clothing is now well worn, and a few badly
needed patches has given Sarah something to do in the evenings.
also.  Yours will be better, as a skilled Artist, and Scribe has
means to be a bit better off.  I have gotten together my Sgt.
uniforms, and have them packed away in case I should need them.  I
felt really out of place coming up with my Majors Uniform, and the
Sutler was a bit suspicious until I convinced him that I was going
give it as a gift to my friend.  Hugh played along, and he was fine
after that.

Every night we go thru the drills of hitching up the horses,
saddling them, and using them in silence.  The same with the dory,
and going to the outhouses, etc.

Yes, Sarah has come up with some mufflers for the horses hooves to
be used at night if needed.  Everything in the wagon has it's place,
and after each days use you must get in the habit of putting it back
in it;s place.  If we need a silent departure nothing will rattle
giving us away.  Josh, and I can hitch everything up, and locate
item in the entire outfit in the pitch dark, and rain.  Also
stored in
the wagon are three saddle bags stocked with a few items that we
need to leave in a hurry.  If possible Josh will bring the wagon
to a
preselected location if we have to leave.  If not, and there is a
to get out at all cost he will come with us, and we will pour
on the wagon, and depart.  He is perfectly capable of traveling on
own if we need to break up.  Hugh has gone over what maps are
available with him, and he understands how to travel at night, and
gave him a compass, and knows how to use it.

Yes,  Major I feel that we have covered all the bases so far.

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