Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T. E, Story #56

It has been interesting for Josh, and I, to watch the Major, and the
Ladies. {grin]  We may have to readjust this trip.  The Major hasn't
shared a schedule for the time frame that we have to work with.  This
is important for me as it determines how far ahead I can work ahead of
him.  It also gives time for those who might be interested in checking
out his presence in this area.  It also increases our difficulty in
covering his movements, and hide our presence in the area.  On the
reverse side it is nice to know that he fits in so easily.   Balance,
balance, balance.  In, and out, makes for less chances for troubles
which we hope to avoid.  Need to consider more sketching,, and letter
writing, and less house painting. HUM!!!

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