Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T. E. Story #5

"Hezzy, what I wanted to talk with you about," said Ian over a morning cup of coffee, "was something that came up the other day."  Ian and Hezzykiah were again sitting around the survey table.  The other three raft-men had started their trip back up-river, and Ian had asked Hezzy to stay and talk with him, promising a horse to get Hezzy back up-river the next day.  "The other day, I received a telegraph message from the Commandant of the topog Engrs. asking me, no--- ordering me to come back to Washington City.  Now we have had no problems here for which I can be held accountable and I am thinking that this may have something to do with all this talk of war with the southern states.  As I said, earlier both my Asst. Engr. and the foreman here could use your skills while I am away.  Is there any possible way that you could stay here and keep an eye on things while I am away in the East?  I am sure whatever it is that the Commandant wants it must be special to ask me to come to Washington rather than put it into a message or letter.  For that reason I don't think I will be gone very long.  I am hoping that you have no long term commitment up-river with the people who were those who sent the log raft down."  Ian grinned as he took another sip of his coffee.

"I hate to spring this on you so suddenly after your arrival, but I have to leave shortly and it would make me feel a lot better if you could stick around the project until I can get loose and get back here!  Anyway, if you would give the request some thought I should appreciate it."

"So, have you seen any of your family recently?  I know you said that your Mom was sad at your leaving home and I wondered if you have been able to see her again, and I remember that you said in Mexico that you and your Dad got along middlin' well."  Ian asked seriously.  It had been some time since he had seen Hezzy, and a year , maybe two since they had exchanged communications.  Ian had been really busy with the river project, and time seemed to slip by.  He supposed that Hezzy had the same concerns.

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