Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T. E. Story #29

 Evening Major,

 Little did I realize that you were in such peril with the higher
ups.  Politics is something that I steer clear of.  BS, and wasting a
lot of time trying to back stab other people for personal should be a
shootable offense.  If it offers you any peace of mind Hugh tracked
down Joshes Father, and avenged him.  He now struggles with life as
does Josh.  It happened early enough in Joshes life that he adapted
quite easily.  Glad to hear that you approve of what I have done so
far.  Pretty neat about the bonus.  I will find out what the mortgage
balance is, and maybe it could pay this, and if this all works out
than you could take care of this quietly, and at some point down the
road you could present this to them.  They must feel as if they earned
it, or they will not accept it.  A matter of pride.  In the mean time
pay the agreed amount that they ask, and not one cent more  This is
all new to us, and we need to adjust to each other.  This was easier
for me as Hugh, and I had already connected in years past.

 Josh.  For the time being I would not make any moves yet.  You two
need to work, and live together for a bit and see if you bond
together.  It will be his call.  Your willingness to learn his
language will show him that you care about him.  Don't push.  Let him
adjust as this is a huge step for him.  His first time away from home,
and his parents.  He will do as asked.  He needs to want to do it for
you.  My guess that he will be well taken by your sketching skills,
and I am sure that you can teach him things that will help him sketch.
You should have some sketches to sell if people are interested.  You
will need to relax, and be comfortable with those who may be around
you.  If you are tense, or short, or lose your temper than they will
believe that you are suspect.  Your clothing  ideas are on the right
track.  A person such as yourself would wear wool pants.  This was the
standard material at this point in history.  Cheaper than cotton.  I
love cords, and wear them everyday, and were worn by some however the
big draw back is that they do not wear well.  You will basically live
in what you are wearing when we leave home.  People did this, and very
few had more than 2 choices.  Only the very well to do, could afford
to have more.  As a sketch artist, and scribe you are not affluent.
We must blend in.  Shirts could be linen or cotton with a neck piece.
Matching was not hugely important. Striped, or plain shirts were
popular.  Striped, plain, or plaid material were all popular in that
period. Hats would have been mostly round, derby, or top hats.  Brown,
or black.  Derby, or Top Hats would be best for an artist, and scribe.
We will add this to the wagon. with all sorts of letters
professionally written.  Uniforms.  We are still at peace, and I will
not wear a uniform  under my cloths or have one with me at this time.
One slip up, and they will be on guard, and may pass it on.  Survival
here is not woods survival.  Starting fires, and building shelters are
not as paramount as ones ability to blend in with the locals.  Trust is
key.  being what you are trying to portray is survival.  I do not
intend to be caught.  If the war breaks out than we will have to
change tactics, and adapt.  Part of my job is to sense danger to you,
and Josh before it happens, and you might not see me much of the time.
I will not sleep, or eat with you, but seldom.  Most of the time if I
come in, and others are there than you may wish to treat me as a
stranger, and I will come in the night, or other times to leave the
info that you need.  If things get tough we may decide to use Josh to
meet me at a prearranged time, and place.   This at times may upset
you, but trust here is the key.  Your thing is maps, sketching,
writing, etc.  Mine is surviving while getting you the info that you
need.  A lot is instincts, and wits that I have acquired since I was a
boy, and learning from my Moms sister, Walks Alone years ago, and in
the year after the Mex War.

 You will be edgy at the start, however you will slid into the role
in a timely fashion.  It is nice that we are under way, and you will
be able to concentrate on our mission ahead.

 May Peace Be With You!!
 My Respects

 Your Sgt Major


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