Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T. E. Story #44

 It is good to have the major with us, and ready to get under way.  I
have given your directions to Hugh, and Josh.  Glad Josh can read.
They will leave within the hour.  You, and I will leave shortly.
Sarah will go with us to the boat, and bring our horses back to the
barn.  Without knowing exactly where we are going, but with a good
general idea, and you as navigator I believe that our weary, under
sail for part of the way will get us to your landing point in 9-10
hours.  We may have to row along the shore in a couple of tight
places, however I have muffled the oars, and every thing is lashed
down, and secured.  Should the need arise, at my signal slump forward
as if drunk, and i am taking you home.  Do not show your face.  I
watched Sarah's face as she pushed us off, and it was stitched with
fear, and apprehension.  Everything she loves, and cherished was
leaving her very much alone.  She was carrying the heaviest load off
all.  I turned, and waved as we slide into the current, and headed
into the unknown.  Now I can relax, and settle into my world.

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