Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T. E, Story #51

 Pulling up to the bank the Major seemed to be pleased, and indicated
that we had arrived at our destination.  I climbed the bank, and
shortly located Dan, and he took me to where Hugh, and Josh were
concealed.  After chatting for a couple of minutes, and sizing things
up I decided that we would unload the wherry, and put our few things
under the bridge in the heavy brush, and Hugh would take the Major
back to the wagon, and I would get Dan underway.  Although young Dan
was born on this river, and loved being called a River Rat, and took
deep pride in being absolutely loyal to those that he decided to like.
I was happy that he took a shine to me, and we shook hands.  I had
decided that taking the wherry back up stream was not the thing to do
for countless reasons.  Upon talking to Dan we decided that he would
take the boat farther down stream, up a really deep, and muddy creek,
and there he would put rocks in both ends of her, and with his hand ax
he would chop big holes in the bottom.  She would sink down into the
deep water, and settle into the deep mud.  Never to be seen again.
When he was done he was to come back to bridge, and wait for me to
come after dark

 Making my way back to camp we settled down to a light meal,and go
over our immediate plans.  After dark they would quietly strip off the
top, and sides of the wagon that we had put on for cover at the
beginning. Next would be getting the inside ready for the Majors
sketching artist, and scribe business.  Toward morning Hugh would head
back home with just his horse, and a hugh grin, as he had been able to
sell the ones he had brought down for that purpose.  When he left he
was to see that Josh, and the Major were ready, and moving slowly
along the main road just after dawn.

 I pulled the Major aside, and asked him what direction did he wish
to go in, and the roads that he had considered.  At that point I
saddled my horse, and disappeared into the darkness, picked up Dan at
the bridge, and we set off so I could get my bearings, and become
familiar with this area.  Dan true to his word proved that he knew
every inch of it.  After checking every place that the Major indicated
I decided which would be the best to start on.   Back at the bridge I
offered Dan some gold coin, but he absolutely refused, saying that he
felt that he was able to really do something important, and he was
proud of it, and disappeared into the night taking with him the
supplies that we had left under the bridge.  With a deep sigh of
relief, and satisfied that I was comfortable with where I was I
headed out to meet the wagon, and get this adventure underway.


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