Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T. E, Story #49

  What a good trip this has been so far.  I have found this to have
been very interesting in terms of the country that we have seen, and a
real chance to observe the Major in his element.  The passion for his
mapping seems to be a natural part of him.  Up until now maps were
just another tool to be used, and the officers always held them, and
I never had much contact with them.  I suspect that before our trip is
over I will have learned a bit more about them..

 The hat that we saw disappearing as we came upon the bridge seems
to have really concerned the Major, however unless I miss my guess it
is being worn by one of our party, and they were probably also worried
about being discovered.  If so I will need to remind them that tall
hats can give one away easily.  As they are new to this type of
adventure they will learn quickly.  I need to file away in my brain a
message to thank Sarah for the excellent food stuffs that she had
packed away in the boat for us.  The Major seemed to be quite pleased
also.  There is plenty for the lad taking the boat back to hold him
for the trip if he does not dawdle.  I am still having some concerns
about this, and I may just send him downstream for another day or two,
and just leave it completely empty floating gunwale deep in the water,
as if who ever had it had met with an ill fate.  He will not return to
Washington, and not go near the farm.  I had used a bit of the money
that the Major had given me to buy two of these boats, not exactly the
same, and one is still hidden back at the farm.  If someone should
have suspected any thing this should divert their attention.


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