Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T. E. Story #21

After reading the post that the Major handed to me, I had to smile.
I think that this Capt. is headed for a huge lesson, and fast.  There
will be traps set, and he will fall into every one.  I would love to
be a squirrel up a tree watching this.  It seems that the Major, and I
are going to be stepping into a fast paced adventure starting now.  I
am already looking forward to this, and I have no real idea of what is
ahead.  If the Major feels that I can be of service to him than it is
just fine with me.  Having the permanent position of Deputy  U S
Marshal clearly indicates that I won't be sitting around much.
Hopefully I can find a good horse in Washington as it appears that I
will be needing one.  I'd sure like to find a good Vermont Morgan,
like the one my Mom gave to me when I left home.  I think the Major
was surprised when he found out that I travel so light, and don't have
much gear to burden me down on our move East.. he muttered something
under his breath about remedying that.  I've learned over the years of
knowing the Major to not ask a lot of questions.  If he wants you to
know, he will tell you when it suits his purpose.  This stage
traveling leaves a lot to be desired.  The train part will be new to
me.  Good I will pay attention to this whole business as it may come
in handy in the future.

I appreciate your concerns  about Big Bear, Major.  He well
understands what is going on, and far prefers to live in the style
that he always has, and will go where ever it leads.  He will say, I
Done It My Way.  I know that our paths will never cross again.  We
are both at peace with this.

I'll get my gear on the Stage, and say Good Bye to the Crew Boss,
and the Lt.  They have loaded the Majors gear on board the stage, and
the Major is winding up his saying his goodbyes to the men.  The new
Capt. hated to allow him to do even this.  The Major walked over to
the stage, climbed in, gritted his teeth, spoke to the driver, and the
coach lurched forward taking us out of there, and into the big world.

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