Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T. E. Story #27

After a great nights sleep in the stable I was hailed for breakfast,
and the smells were heavenly.  Going thru the door I was surprised to
see a younger man cooking what appeared to be a wonderful breakfast.
He motioned me to sit down, and start eating.  Both the fare, and the
coffee were better than they looked.  Eating slowly to savor every
bite, I wondered what had happened to Hugh, and Sarah. By the time I
finished I could hear them out on the porch chatting on happily. I
thanked him, he nodded, and somewhat bewildered went out on the porch,
and right into a huge hug from Sarah.  She invited me to join them,
and than she started to talk.  At times catching her breath, and
nibbling on her lip.  She began by saying that Hugh had asked her to
do the talking as she was better educated.  That interested me.

She said that they were up most of the night, and decided to saddle
up, and ride over the farm taking into consideration everything that I
said.  The full moon seemed to make everything magical.  Stopping at
their favorite spot along the river they made their decision.    At
first they had reservations, and apprehensions about getting involved.
On the other side was the fact that it seemed likely that within the
year we would be at odds with the Southern States and it would turn
into a war.  Their love for each other, and this place that had become
their life was reason enough to get involved, and do whatever they
needed to fight it out.  They listened to what I had said, and wanted
to offer us the use of their place as needed, and help
us in any way they could.  I was pleased beyond words, and after
shaking their hands in agreement I settled upon a fee which sound
really good to them, and me.  You had indicated that I was to take
care of this as it was the type of thing that you expected from me.

Hugh is going to round up the horses, and tack needed.  He had a
couple already as a matter of fact.  We went out to the shed where the
wagon was stored, and figured out how to rig it to blend into the
country side, and serve our purpose to a tee.  With the help of the
blacksmith this shouldn't take to long.  Hugh, and I both have had
some years of experience at traveling on dangerous undertakings, and
have learned a lot.  It has kept us alive, and get the job done where
other failed.

The key is to blend into the woodwork, so to speak.  At this time
the war is still talk, so the danger level is minimum.  Blend in, and
be obvious, and this can go into the war mode if needed.  Your hobby,
and skill will make this work quite easily.  The wagon will be the
key.  It is built on the same pattern used by the Amish people still
today, but a tad bigger.  On the inside they will convert it into a
small work area for you complete with a fold down cot-bed.  During the
day it will fold up exposing a seat, for your desk, and drawing
equipment, and storage for your personal gear.  On the outside there
will be a water barrel, and food storage etc.  These are already
installed.  On the smooth sides we will have a sign painter do a small
sketch of a quiet stream with a bridge over it.  On the top will be
lettered, Traveling Sketch Artist, and a name of your choosing
underneath.  The seat will be spring mounted, and as comfortable as
possible with a cushion that Sarah will make for you.  With you on the
seat, and Josh will probably be driving while you can observe
everything that might interest you..  Josh is the chap who cooked my
breakfast, and will do anything that you might require.   You will
love his cooking. There is another reason for Josh, as there will be
times when we will both be on horseback, and  he can drive the rig.
Trusting Josh is tailor made for us.  He has been raised by Hugh, and
Sarah since they found him badly bleeding beside the road where his
father tossed him.  It seems that his father got sick of him talking
on occasion in baby talk, got sick of it, and cut his tongue out, and
discarded him where hugh, and Sarah found him.  Sarah was able to save
him, and they raised him as their own.  He is extremely trustworthy,
and loyal.  He can hear very well, and understands everything that is
going on.  Sarah taught him to sketch out what he wanted to say, and
they have a sign language that they worked out together.  She will
show you what it is if you are interested.  His hearing is acute.
Speak clearly, and he will respond in kind.  Treat him with respect,
and you will have a faithful friend for life.

Your clothing, and weapons will be covered n my next post.  I am
proceeding with this, and carrying out my responsibilities as I
understand them Major. You stated that your decision wished for me to
serve you in the things that I did best.  You have a West Point 4 year
education in engineering, and Map Making.  I have a lifetime practical
education in the skills of staying alive by my wits, experience, and
understanding those with whom I had to deal with in dangerous
situations.  When I put my part in action, I will seek your opinion as
to how it applies to our heading out.  I know that you are buried in
working out the details of Col. Abert’s demands, sorting out where to
start, based on the input of those in high positions, and getting the
Detachment together.

With the Greatest Respect,

Sgt. Major


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