Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T. E. Story #38

  I am pleased to hear that you have found out who it was that were
trying to cause you grief.   At least now we know what we are up
against.  A thought from your Sgt. Major, Major.  It would be quick,
and easy for Hugh, Josh, and myself to put another side on each of the
wagon sides covering up the originals , and our story would be that we
are tinkers, and also repair harnesses, and are going south to get
some supplies, and doing some repair jobs on the way for some rural
farmers.  We will put on a false roof, and put your gear up there.
Doing this would allow you to leave Washington City at some weird
hour, and we could meet up near our start up point for the return
trip.  Hugh has some relatives down south, and they might be somewhere
in the area where this would be.  When we meet up we will discard the
roof, sides, and  tools, reset your work space, in very little time.
Let me know, and we will get on it immediately.  This would save time
as going straight down would draw attention if you didn't stop often
to ply your crafts.  We would not put any signs on the rig traveling
down.  Josh, and I would swap of driving, and by swapping the horses
around we would make good steady time.

 At Your Service, Major,

 Sgt Major Goff

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