Sunday, April 22, 2012

T. E. Story #62

 Hi  Jim,  I met Dan when I was looking for someone to return our boat back up to Washington.  He is an orphan who has never known who his parents were, how old he is, or ever had a friend.  He has never known new clothes, has no education or ever lived anywhere except where he could find shelter.  No one ever cared about him, or he them.  Even his ability to converse is limited.  On the flip side I have learned that he has a knowledge of this country which exceeds anything I have ever seen.  His ability to blend into the country is scary.  I always thought that I was good, but in his area of knowledge he is the Master.  I place him around 13-14 years of age.  The clothes that I gave him for his trip up river with our boat, and the excessive food we had seemed to single me out as someone he might like for the first time in his life. He started following me traveling by foot easily, and than I finally convinced him to ride with me.  Whenever we stopped we started to talk, and I started to show him, and tell him about my young life, and how my Aunt, Walks Alone, had taught me the woods lore that I know.  It was apparent that we had grown to like each other, and our shared knowledge enabled us to accomplish things that enabled us to oversee you, and Josh, and keep you safe.  He has since made it very clear that he has given me his loyalty, and to no other.  He has a deep seated suspicion, of anybody, and everybody.  We have since acquired him a very sturdy mount, and additional gear, and are able to more easily to cover you better.  Better that you don't know the details.  It is also apparent to us that the threat against your safety is still very real, and requires our vigilance to a much higher degree than we thought when we started.  Your acquiring another engineer should be very much an asset to get the mapping done. Don't be alarmed if Dan is distant, and wary.  I trust his instincts.  I will follow your wishes, and orders in all things except when it conflicts with my ability to keep you safe.  If JJ seems to be doing Ok at his assigned task there will be times that I will disappear, and he will be left to his own devices.  I ask for your understanding that the mission requires this. Hezzy   It will be interesting to see where this tale leads us.  I have absolute no problems with JJ joining in, but he will be more a beneficial asset to your side, and a liability to my side in the story as now we know that the threat to you is still there.  I think that the intrigue about your safety, and the unit safety sets squarely on my shoulders.  Your skills, social abilities, and Mission Leader keep you occupied, and JJs ability to travel the roads ahead, bringing back the mapping details will keep him busy.  I will need updated maps of your intended routes, and timetables, so I can go ahead on the roads that JJ will travel checking them out.  I will have contact with him almost daily to keep him updated.  This mission will require all of our skills to bring it to completion.  Respectfully,  Your Friend, and Servant  Jack, and Hezzy

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