Saturday, May 5, 2012

T. E. Story # 77

Dan, and I are enjoying this down time also, and also pleased that this recluse spot meets with your approval.  Kind of tailor made so to speak.  Makes it easier for us to keep an eye on you folks without the outriding.  The horses are relieved also I think.  Our gear, and tack takes a beating, and we have a bit of time to mend it.  i have watched Dan, and for the first time in his life he belongs to something, and a purpose.  I am hoping that you have indicated the area that you believe the two fords might be located.  I wouldn't be surprised if Dan, and I might not be able to locate them.  You, and Josh are going to be busy with your objectives, and JJ has a lot of roads to cover.  I am more comfortable that the big threat that lurked over you has been lifted and we will have a bit more latitude to work on this area of importance to you.  Do you know why these fords  ceased to be used. Have bridges made it easier, or has the population in that area moved on?  Dan made a quick trip down to the ferry to fill in the gunsmith on your stay at the old farm, and how pleased you were with it, and pick up a supply of rolled loads that he had made up for me.  His work, and ideas might someday be popular.  He also told Dan that I had been made a full US Marshall with complete authority where ever I traveled.  For the time being until I wish to revel it, this info will only be known to a very few undercover Deputies such as myself.  This will allow me to make on the spot decisions in our mission or where ever I am.  I hope this meets with your approval, and give you some comfort in the fact that you won't have to bear the responsibility for some of my questionable activities.[grin].  I know that I make you a wee bit nervous on occasion.  Keep your eyes open when you decide to bath, as there are a couple of cottonmouths that also share that spot.  Be a good idea if Dan, or myself keep you company.  Dan can sense their presence.  We both have been bitten several times in the the past, and have developed an immunity to them it seems.  The wagon looks good after your touch ups, and is in excellent shape after so many days on the road.  The horses are also doing extremely well. Hugh certainly knows his way around them, and matched them to your needs.  Looking forward to the new maps.  Your Servant,  Hezzy

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