Saturday, May 5, 2012

T. E. Story # 75

Dan, and I are enjoying a break, and some camaraderie for a wee bit. The maps will be a big help for sure.  Dan is beginning to understand them.  This is a slow process, but worth the effort.  His sense of humor is very limited because he has very limited experience with people hence has little exposure with relaxed humor.  Living as he had to every moment was a challenge.  After every contact with you folks, I spend a lot of time answering his questions.  The talk of war is still foreign to him.  Your new, old clothing clothing is in the farm house.  All well boiled.  You chaps should spend some time in the stream near by before you put them on, and burn your old stuff.  Sorry about JJs pants.  These people are a bit shorter than he is.  These people are more reserved on this side of the river.  Life has taught them to be wary of strangers, but are not unfriendly.  They just need to be sure of who you are.  Be careful not to slight them, or peer down on them, and their suspicions will fade a bit.  Also news between settlements travels faster down here, so you will also always be expected when you get there.  The knew what to expect awhile before you crossed over on the ferry, so be very careful about any changes you make.  This will trigger alarms. In the spring house you will find new provisions including, a new quarter of smoked bacon, and pork chops.  There are some eggs, but they will not keep long after you leave this place.  The basics should get you pretty much thru the balance of this mission.  There is less small game down here as these people live close to the land.  Trout are plentiful in the clear streams so we will get you some for a change of diet. Do not be surprised if the need for your house painting skills etc are not as much in demand as these people do not have the coin for such luxuries, however letter writing, or reading may be far more popular as education is not as common here.  Not sure about  what your concerns are about Fredericksburg are, however Dan and  I are concerned about your safety, and our ability to protect you is severely hampered. Hopefully you won't need to.

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