Thursday, May 3, 2012

T. E. Story # 73

 OOPS I guess that we owe you, and Josh an apology once again. Sometimes we need a wee bit of fun.  I think that poor Josh just about peed in his pants when he climbed into the wagon, and saw Dan calmly sitting on his bed roll grinning.  Good thing that he couldn't scream. Yes, Dan was in the back while you chaps crossed over, and I was in the steeple of that small church.  We are focusing closely to see if there are any people showing any unusual interest in you folks.  We never take anything for granted, and are just as vigilant as before. We spent some time on this side getting a feeling for their feelings for separating from the Union.  They are not looking forward to this happening, as their lively hoods depends on trade  from both sides of the river.  They are a quiet people who tend to their own business, and wish others would do the same.  The Deputy Marshal who is the local gunsmith, and was one of us at the little party at your camp lives near here, but wishes to be unseen as his Deputy status is unknown to these folks.  When we last talked he indicated that the Marshals service has sent a request to Washington City to make me a full Marshall with absolute authority anywhere.  Now that we are together for a bit I will take the $100.00  that I forgot earlier.  You chaps can follow us to the place that we told you about, and be safe.  It is an abandoned farm a bit off the road, and the gunsmith now owns it, and it will make us a good base camp.  I was surprised that you had removed the signs from the wagon as news of your arrival has spread, and several people are looking forward to your services., and are a bit confused.  Good news travels fast.  You could always touch them up a bit when someone comes, and that will remove any questions.  JJ is awaiting us at the farm, and is getting a bit of much needed rest.  He spent the day checking out a couple of roads that might be of interest to you.  Poor chap doesn't quite know what to think about Dan, and myself.  Now that the team is ready to go we will take you to the off-road which leads to the farm.  JJ will great you, and settle you in.  Dan and I will circle around, and come in from another direction, and later this evening I think that we should have a meeting so we can all touch base together, and you can update us on what you wish to cover, how you choose to do it, and hopefully give us a map to guide us.  See you after you chaps eat, and settle in.  We will know the proper time.  Respectfully,  Sgt. Maj. Hezzy

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