Thursday, May 3, 2012

T. E. Story # 70

 I am sorry that Josh, and the Major are huddled under the wagon, and stone wall.  Not exactly their style however hopefully they will excuse us when this ruse comes to an end.  Thru my questioning of the chap that I gave an incentive to in the cave to spill his guts I learned what I needed to know, about this great interest in the Major and his trip south.  It winds, and is twisted thru a lot of this area, and took us across the Potomac.  Before leaving on this trip Hugh, gave me a letter of introduction to a Deputy US Marshal who was also the gunsmith who built my new rifle.  It turned out that he had been made aware of this plot by the Marshal in Washington, and one of the reasons that I was so readily made a permanent Deputy.  The trail led us to the Sheriff, and his small band of hoodlums.  This all leads back to the Officer in Washington that took over your river project. He is a die hard Southern sympathizer who wishes to use you to help him ruin you, and discredit Col. Abert.  We believe that he is getting upset with your ease at gaining the info that you need, so he is engaging the Sheriff to take care of you chaps.  He is totally unaware of Dan, and I, and we have been on his tail, and our plot has set him up to settle his score with you once, and for all.  He located your camp under a pretense of searching for someone, and than going back to your old friend who is to return with them for the Coup.  Dan, and I with the help of 5 other Deputies have your camp ringed, and are awaiting for their arrival.  With the help of a waning moon the wait was not long.  As we had hoped they broke up, and ringed your position not knowing exactly where you were hiding, but between us, and you.  Those of us are of the same meld, and prefer not to use firearms unless driven to it. At the hoot of an Owl, the signal, we struck.  It was all over in a passing moment without a sound.  One was left alive, your antagonist, and I will make him rue the day he was born before he heads for Hell.  Dan once again proved himself as a true man, and was accepted into our small group of deputies.  We took the would be murderers back to the cave, and disposed of them.  I gave your friend a special send off after he spilled his guts to me, maybe literally.[smile]  He was behind the whole plot, for personal gain, and a deep hatred for you.  After finishing you he was going to try to ruin Col. Abert, take over his position using guile, and cunning, and distort the maps to send our troops into traps, set by the south if war starts.  I am sorry to have put you thru this however it had to be done. Nothing will change in the way that Dan, and I cover you chaps just in case some others try some mischief, but I believe that the weight has been taken off your shoulders now, and you can relax.  Please explain all of this to Josh as you see fit.  I'll thank the deputies, as it is best that you don't know them.  Like me they work unseen better as do I.    

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